MessReg CTS is a mobile digital measuring system for the measurement of track gauge, cant and twist. Thanks to its automatic continuous data capture it measures long track sections highly efficiently.

The accessory “MPC” notebook enables users to enter comments during the measurement procedure, such as to document any irregularities or damage to the track specific to the exact position. Optionally, GPS data can be integrated, too. The measurement results are immediately available for local evaluation.

The version MessReg CTS-T is equipped with integrated partition. Thus, the measuring device can be folded to very compact dimensions in three quick manual movements.

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MESS REG CTS Continuous Track Measuring Trolley

Key Features

  • Continuous digital measurement
  • Automatic data capture at intervals of 100 mm
  • Smart folding mechanism (optional) for compact and space-saving transport
  • Powerfull “MPC” outdoor-notebook with touch-screen and full-fledged keyboard
  • Comprehensive software package for data capture, graphic evaluation and Excel export
  • Data compatible with MessProfi 3.x program

Measured Track Parameters

  • Track gauge
  • Cant
  • Twist
  • Distance travelled
  • GPS data (option)