MessReg CTS is a mobile digital measuring system for the measurement of track gauge, cant and twist. Thanks to its automatic continuous data capture it measures long track sections highly efficiently.

The accessory “MPC” notebook enables users to enter comments during the measurement procedure, such as to document any irregularities or damage to the track specific to the exact position. Optionally, GPS data can be integrated, too. The measurement results are immediately available for local evaluation.

The version MessReg CTS-T is equipped with integrated partition. Thus, the measuring device can be folded to very compact dimensions in three quick manual movements.

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MESS REG CDM Continuous Track And Switch Measuring Trolley

Key Features

  • Digital switch measuring system with automatic continuous data capture at 5 mm intervals
  • Automated evaluation of all relevant check parameters
  • Switches can be passed through and measured on both sides and without use of additional aids
  • Powerful “MPC” Outdoor Notebook with touch-screen
  • Complete software package, including data export to Excel
  • One-man setup and operation
  • DB-approved and compatible with DB’s IIS system

Measured Track Parameters

  • Track gauge
  • Flangeway clearance
  • Check rail gauge
  • Back-to-back distance
  • Cant
  • Twist
  • Distance travelled
  • Flangeway depth (option)

​Initial Operation

Within minutes is the CDM device prepared ready for measuring. Only one person is needed for build-up and operation, while the measurings are done automatically.

Data Capture

The measurement data are continuously collected by four measuring probes. All these data are put together with the information coming from the inclination and distance sensors. This whole process is managed and coordinated through software “CDMcatcher”
All values are recorded digitally and joined together inside the E-Box. There the data are converted and sent to the MPC notebook for final saving. The MPC notebook is mounted on the top and shows the measuring values in real-time (resolution: 1/10 mm).

Additonal Features

  • Each value is assigned automatically to the belonging measuring point
  • Instand evaluation and display of tolerance exceedings
  • Independent evaluation of check rail gauge, back-to-back distance, twist
  • User can enter all kind of remarks (i.e. track defects) during measuring

Data Analysis

The measuring results can be evaluated already on the track. This is done by software “CDMviewer” supplied, which offers the different ways of analysis either in graphic or table mode.
Finally the measurement file can be transferred into the MessProfi database for long-term saving and administration. In addition the files can be exported into Microsoft Excel, too.

Main Components

  • Mobile measuring device (prepared for operation on vignole rail)
  • Outdoor-Notebook MPC (incl. additional battery pack)
  • Software package (CDMcatcher, CDMviewer, CDMline)
  • Solid case for transport and safekeeping


  • Software Messprofi
  • Modification for operation on grooved rails (tramway)
  • Device extension for continuous measurement of flangeway depth
  • Measurement tools for checking switch balde and stock rail
  • Wide measurement base