MessReg CLS provides impressive digital track geometry measurement based on a genuine 10 m chord. The chord length guarantees highly precise and reliable measurement data. This means the measurement results accurately represent the actual track conditions rather than being based on pure data extrapolation (such as those delivered by measuring devices with short chords).

MessReg CLS is highly versatile. The measuring chord made of torsionally rigid carbon is modular in design, comprising five 2-metre segments. This means that in addition to the typical 6:4 pitch the measuring system can also be operated with other chord lengths and pitches (e.g. 2:2 m or 4:2 m). It can even be operated with no chord at all (as a compact mobile track height and cant measuring device).

The measuring system automatically and continuously records all relevant track geometry parameters (with measurement resolution optionally 2 mm or 250 mm). The data is displayed and stored both graphically and numerically in real time. Users can also enter comments at any time and store them specific to position.

Thanks to its modular design, the MessReg CLS can be set up and dismantled in just a few minutes. It can be set up, operated and dismantled by a single person.

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MESS REG CLS Digital Track Geometry Measuring Trolley

Key Features

  • Continuous digital measurement (automatic data capture at intervals from 2 – 1000 mm)
  • Real-time display of track geometry parameters
  • Variable carbon chord up to max. 10 m length (with symmetric or asymmetric pitch)
  • Versatile Configured as standard for 3 gauge widths (1000 / 1067 / 1435 mm)
  • Modular design (easy to transport and set up)
  • Powerful “MPC” Outdoor-Notebook with touch-screen

Measured Track Parameters

  • Track gauge
  • Cant
  • Twist
  • Horizontal alignment (versines)
  • Vertical alignment (longitudinal level)
  • Distance

Initial Operation

The 3 guiding parts of the CLS device will be placed on the track and connected with the modular chord of warp resistant carbon. Afterwards the MPC notebook is put on and the measuring sensors are initialized. There is only 1 person needed for the assembling/disassembling process which doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Data Capture

The software “CLScatcher” enables and controls the process of data capture. The required track parameters are automatically measured and saved with a selectable sampling rate from 2 mm – 1000 mm related to the driven distance.
During operation the CLS device is constantly centered in the track due to spring pressure. All measurement values are recorded digitally and are directly transferred to the graphic display of the MPC.
Note: there aren’t any additional tools or devices needed while measuring and even turnouts can be passed from both directions without problems, too..

Data Analysis

‚ÄčThe measurement results can be evaluated and analysed immediately after end of operation with software “CLSviewer”. In addition an interface is available for exporting the measuring data into Microsoft Excel for customized evaluations.