Rail Drill Buying Guide – 6 Things to Consider

rail drill buying guide

This guide will walk you through 6 important points to consider while making rail drill purchasing decisions. Let’s get started!

First of all, the rail drill that you are going to buy should fit the job you need to do. For example, if you are a manufacturer at a rail factory, you should not buy a portable machine. Or if you are doing signalization or electrification job on a field, you should not choose a heavy machine. According to the place that you will use a machine, you can choose between electric, gas or hydraulic machines. Due to the explosion risk in mines, pneumatical machines can be preferred but the production and use of these machines are not common. Here is a list of the things you should consider before you buy rail drills;


1. Portability

Portable Rail Drills usually can be lifted by one person and they are around 40 – 45 lbs. Heavier machines are not preferable due to both workers’ health and the possibility to slow down the job. Gasoline machines are the machines with 2-stroke or 4 stroke engines. Electric machines work on 110V and 220V. Hydraulic rail drills can work on different oil pressures. Manufacturers can adjust that. Pneumatic rail drills are manufactured as per order.


2. Rail Drill Attachments

Power Bor Rail Drills have always been updated with 40 years of Rotabroach experience and with the constant feedback from the customers and became the most ergonomic and useful version of itself. Rotabroach Rail Drills can use universal drill bits and the templates that other machines use as well because of its design for universal attachments. Templates sometimes can be called as Rail Shoe as well. For example, Cembre LD41-P or Cembre LD-16B Rail Drills can only use special templates that are manufactured for them. But Power Bor Rhino 4 Rail Drill uses a universal template which makes it more convenient, compared to the other products. You can even have that template made for your product if you wish. The situation with drilling bits is the same.


3. Parts

Power Bor Rail Drill can use Universal Magnetic Cutters. This is a worldwide standard. Apart from that, it can also use the drill bits that are called “Just Insert & Drill” that Trak-Star company manufactures specifically for their RB28 Gas Rail Drill, RB35 Carbide Gas Rail Drill, RB42 Hydraulic Rail Drill, and BD17 Bonding Drill machines. But these kinds of machines cannot use the universal drill bits. Power Bor Rhino 2 Rail Drill use 2-stroke Honda Gas engines. The maintenance and repair of this engine are really easy, and it is a reliable engine. Its parts and service shops are widespread. Erico branded SBMV2 model rail drills use a 2-stroke Kawasaki engine. This engine’s repair costs in the U.S. is higher and also harder to find parts for it.


4. Metric or Imperial

Rail Drill manufacturers like Cembre, Hougen and Erico usually manufacture either metric or imperial size cutters. Meanwhile, Power Bor manufactures cutters in both metric and imperial sizes.


5. Power

Rail drills should also be compared with their price/performance ratio. Machines power, drilling speed, and how many holes that one drill bit can drill are important when you compare machines. Rails can have different rigidnesses. Rails’ age also can affect the hole count. Power Bor Rail Drill Bits proved its quality compare to its competitors by drilling 70 holes on UIC 60 Type A1100 rigidness.


6. Drill Bit Types

The drill bits that are used on Rail Drills can be divided into two categories which are Universal Magnetic Drill Bits and Twist Bits. The choosing of these categories depends on the drilling sizes. Twist drill bits are used in small diameter while in bigger diameters the other bits can be used. Rail Drill, first and foremost are used for railroads and also can be used on different rail types such as crane rails, mine rails, and other various types. On the usages on other than the standard railroad, a specific rail shoe may have to be manufactured according to the rail type.


Do you still need help with picking the right rail drill? Contact EZ Rail or call 732-647-6606 for a free consultation.